British Motor Car Distributors, LTD Jaguar/Land Rover Export Policy

Why British Motor Cars Distributors (BMCD) has this Policy:


Effective November 24, 2014, JLRNA will implement the following New Export and Broker Policy, superseding the previous policy (operations bulletins JOGI14-23, OGI14-23). The brokering and exporting of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles are issues that Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC ("JLRNA") takes seriously. As Jaguar and Land Rover retailers, you have made a major investment in your franchise by investing in facilities, equipment, inventory, and people. Individuals who export or broker Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles do not have a vested interest in the brands while improperly diverting sales from authorized retailers, and more importantly, our U.S. customer. The exporting of vehicles outside the U.S. negatively impacts U.S. retailers by, among other things, removing vehicles from the parts and service business, resulting in lost revenue in anticipated part sales and warranty work. Furthermore, the movement of vehicles from the U.S. to foreign markets may also impact the future product allocation and vehicle pricing for U.S. retailers. Retailers who sell vehicles to exporters -- by which we mean anyone who purchases a vehicle that is subsequently exported from the U.S. -- undermine company systems established to ensure, among other things, that the end user is on record for warranty and safety recall purposes and that customer satisfaction information and demographic data are collected.

What is the BMCD the Export Policy?:

  • This policy covers all New and Pre-Owned product Jaguar/Land Rover product in service for 9 months or less.
  • BMCD will sell to clients within our trade area as defined by JLRNA
  • BMCD will verify all involved parties name and address through JLRNA export list, PERT, 3 rd party 'known export lists', and general internet search
  • BMCD will require a signed credit application containing Social Security number, date of birth, residence, and yearly income on buyer
  • BMCD may run a credit report on buyer at its discretion
  • BMCD will exercise the FTC 'Red Flag' procedures for identity verification and identity theft protection
  • BMCD will accept personal checks, lease contract, or finance contracts for transactions (no 3 rd party wire transfer or 1 st party cashier checks) based on credit approval
  • BMCD may request proof of funds or income prior to sale
  • BMCD will require clients to sign 'Agreement Not to Export' acknowledgment as condition of purchase
  • BMCD will protect all consumer information and privacy
  • BMCD does reserve the right to not enter in to a transaction with any person it suspects may be involved in exporting said vehicle

If you have any questions regarding this policy or the above procedures that cannot be answered by your Sales Guide or Sales Management please contact our General Manager: Kip Miles 415-776-7700 X250 or

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