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I cannot say enough good things about BMC!  First of all, this was my first Jaguar purchase (2017 F-Type).  The sales process with Donovan Henderson was seamless and painless.  He was very knowledgable with the product and ensured that I was satisfied with the my purchase.Now, what truly impressed me was my recent opportunity to use the Service Department...  My 2 week old car developed an intermittent electrical/software issue involving the camera system.  I am well aware that there is NOTHING more frustrating and difficult to troubleshoot to a service group than this sort of problem.  Upon driving it to the city (~30 miles from the mid-Peninsula) I was first thrilled to see my name in 'lights' as I pulled into the spotless service bay.  What a nice and welcoming touch.  I was immediately greeted by my new Service Advisor, Suzanne Zappulla.  She was an absolute delight and a breath a fresh air!  Professional, competent, confident, and best of all, personable!  After reluctantly giving her the keys to my 'baby' after some reassuring  encouragement, she got me set up in a lovely (albeit not the fun of an f-type) Jaguar loaner and off I went, feeling good that my feline was in good hands...  As is always the case, my cat refused to act up for the team to verify my concerns.  Grrr...  That did not stop Suzanne.  She had me detail the 'starting' conditions of my car when I get the error which involved early morning (5:30am) starting after the car sits out all night...  She proceeded to duplicate these conditions AND came in EARLY to complete the cycle!   I have NEVER heard of such a thing!  Low and behold, problem verified!!  After fantastic detective work, Suzanne and her Team were able  to solve the issue AND have my car back to me in time for a VERY important diving engagement with my son over the weekend.  Doing this was so 'above and beyond' on the part of Suzanne.  It has been my experience with my other vehicles and their respective servicing dealers that they will simply return the car with a brief 'we cannot duplicate concern' write up on the repair order.  This was such a different experience from start to finish ultimately making ALL the difference of 1) fixing the problem with my car and 2) creating a rabidly supportive customer of BMC who will go out of his way to drive to the City for service as well as whole heartedly recommending them, Suzanne in particular!Thank you BMC and your truly OUTSTANDING team!  In this day an age of impersonal 'mega' dealerships groups you stand out with your value of Service, Product, and Customer!  It is SO appreciated!  It is also clear that everyone I worked with at BMC enjoys working for/with the organization!  Cheers!

Jordan B.
Palo Alto, CA
New Jaguar in San Francisco

New Jaguar in San Francisco

Jaguar San Francisco has been offering an impressive selection of high-line Jaguar models to car shoppers in the San Francisco area for decades. Our inventory is well stocked with all of the high-performance vehicles that make up the Jaguar lineup. A visit to Jaguar San Francisco will help you learn more about everything Jaguar has to offer. In addition to our new inventory, Jaguar San Francisco offers an extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles from Jaguar and many other manufacturers.

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